Selected Press and Lab Updates

Does mindfulness meditation really make you kinder?

July, 2018. Greater Good article features our research showing how mindfulness instruction fosters prosocial responses to a victim of ostracism. View the article.

Mindfulness has ease pain of social rejection

June, 2018. PsychCentral article features our research showing that those disposed to mindfulness showed a pattern of neural activations and subjective experience suggesting less social distress after being ostracized. View the article.

This one thing makes you a nicer person

January, 2018. Time online article highlights our series of studies showing how mindfulness instruction fosters empathy and prosocial behavior toward a victim of social exclusion. View the article.

The key component of mindfulness that lowers stress

October, 2017. Pacific Standard article features our research (led by Emily Lindsay and David Creswell) showing that acceptance is a beneficial complement to attentional monitoring to reduce social evaluative stress responses. View the article.

Lab member Dan Berry, PhD accepts Assistant Professorship at California State University, San Marcos

May, 2017. Dr. Berry's dissertation examined the effects of mindfulness training on helping outgroup members in need. 

Lab intern Justin Tubbs receives an NIH Post-bac Intramural Research Training Award to work in the National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health

Spring, 2017. The IRTA provides an opportunity to spend one or two years working side-by-side with some of the leading biomedical scientists in the world.

Lab member Tarah Raldiris wins first place in 2017 VCU Graduate Student Research Symposium

Spring, 2017. The research examined the role of mindfulness in attenuating self-serving performance attributions. 

Neurobiological changes explain how mindfulness meditation improves health

February, 2016. Science Daily article discusses our brain imaging research examining effects of mindfulness training on immunity. View the article.

Meditation for meatheads

Undated. Breaking Muscle article discusses our research on mindfulness training for social evaluative threat and relationship conflict. View the article.

Mindfulness: 7 amazing holistic brain benefits of meditation

February, 2015. Yoga Journal article discusses our brain imaging research on mindful emotion regulation. View the article

Daniel Berry receives Francisco J. Varela Research Award

January, 2015. Lab member Dan Berry, MA, was awarded a competitive Varela Award from the Mind and Life Institute to fund his research on the effects of mindfulness training on empathy and prosocial behavior. The Varela Awards provide grant funding "to pursue research at the forefront of exciting developments in the field of Contemplative Science while advancing careers in laboratories of major universities around the country."

Lab intern Courtney Vaughan earns place in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program

September, 2014. The UGSP provides funded scholarship support, summer research training at the NIH, and employment and training at the NIH after graduation.

Mindfulness:  Is it a fad or a powerful life-changing coping skill? A look at the science

March, 2014Washington Post article discusses our research on mindful emotion regulation. View the article.

Meditation as medicine: It's not what you think

December, 2013. Psychology Today article discusses our research on mindfulness training for those with cancer. View the article.



Joanna Arch, University of Colorado, Boulder

Gina Biegel, Stressed Teens Program

David Chester, Virginia Commonwealth University

J. David Creswell, Carnegie Mellon University

Nathan DeWall, University of Kentucky

Britta Holzel, Institute of Aterty and Meditation

Michael Inzlicht, University of Toronto

Todd Kashdan, George Mason University

Tim Kasser, Knox College       

Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General Hospital

Mark Leary, Duke University  

Nancy McCain, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jan Moynihan, University of Rochester

Christopher Niemiec, University of Rochester

Richard M. Ryan, Australian Catholic University, University of Rochester

Baljinder Sahdra, Australian Catholic University

Shauna Shapiro, Santa Clara University

Baldwin Way, Ohio State University


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